3 Ways to get Great Deals on iTunes

I love to shop for movies on iTunes because I get them instantly, legally and most important of all, cheaply! Many people have the wrong impression that Apple’s stuff are all expensive, including digital content in iTunes but actually prices in the iTunes Store fluctuate quite a bit and I will show you how to enjoy great deals on iTunes (movies, books & music!) with 3 simple ways:

1. Monitor the iTunes Store:

This is the simplest method without the need to install anything nor register any account. Here’re the key steps:

   1)Launch the iTunes Store app

   2)Search for the item that you hope to purchase

   3)Tap on the “Open in…” icon

   4)Tap on “Add to Wish List“; do this for all the items of interest and then check once a week your Wish List to see if there’re any price drops for any item.


Bonus: Each week, iTunes would also select one prominent movie to be the “Movie of the Week” and it’ll cost just S$4.98! So be sure to check iTunes Store every week! 



2. Register at MyiList:

I am actively using this now as iTune Stores of many countries including Singapore are monitored! Very easy to use and you will receive email alerts whenever there is a price drop (for movies & books only)! Register an account here now!

Recently, I’ve bought “Kung Fu Hustle” at just S$7.98 when its price dropped on 19 Jan 2017! You can also view its price evolution over the past 2 years – this gives you an idea how iTunes adjusts movie prices!


3. Install the CheapCharts app

This is the best price-monitoring app for iTunes! You can find more details of it here. However, I don’t really use it because the Singapore store is still not listed (supports 19 countries now including USA, China & India)! But do install it and look out for updates as I believe it’ll eventually include the Singapore store!


Happy shopping at iTunes now!

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