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Singapore cashless parking mobile app


If you’ve not heard about it, Singapore’s GovTech has launched a digital parking App as of 1st October 2017. The app allows drivers to pay for the time spent in the parking lot digitally and offers numerous features to aid the driver. Here is our mobile app review.

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How to use


1. Download the app on Apple Store or Google Store

2. Launch the app

how to use

3. Enter the carpark code. I used the auto search by GPS and it was pretty accurate. Otherwise, you could find the Carpark code written on the carpark sign board. 

how to use

4. Enter your vehicle number

how to use

5. Enter a duration and click proceed. You will find a summary page before the charging starts.

how to use

6. Enter your credit card details if you have not done so.

how to use

7. 10 minutes before the session ends, there will be a  notification to extend the duration. Open the app and select “extend”.

how to use

8. Ending the session. The period will be pro-rated and any excess will be refunded. How cool!

how to use


Benefits of

The number 1 reason for using is because it can actually earn you rebates or even miles using your preferred credit card! Imagine if you spend $10 – $15 everyday parking at public carparks, it adds up to $300 monthly. This could help to boost the additional miles or hitting the minimum spend required. Check out our post on which credit card to earn free flights!

The other benefits includes never ever having to ask or buy parking coupons! Neither do you have to worry about carpark auntie giving you the summon when your parking time expires.  Hey, no need to purposely go back to your car to add more carpark coupons too (we all know how much of a hassle it can be). All can be done with a simple touch on your smartphone!


I personally like the app very much. It’s convenient, saves the earth because parking coupons are replaced with the app. Download the app and try it yourself now!



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