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Geeky Auntie is an independent blog-like review platform where writers come together to share interesting encounters, reviews, or value-for-money finds.

We hope to support budding and professional writers alike in their endeavours to share their stories and ideas to millions of people out there. We welcome you to join the Geeky Auntie community and be
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Our Culture

1. Geeky Writers always have their readers in mind, striving to make their writing engaging, fun and creative.

2. We empower our writers to share their stories and good reviews, in turn helping our readers make informed decisions.

3. We believe our writers work towards keeping our site clean, structured and reader-friendly.

4. We consider all writings valuable and relevant, trusting and respecting our writers’ perceptive views and opinions.

5. We work towards establishing a positive work culture through open communication with our writers.

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Meet the Team

Geekyauntie Eric

Eric used to spend his time playing computer games, but now he designs the platform with hopes that everyone would make the Internet a better place.


Marilynn is a primary school educator, mummy to a feisty three-year old girl and a Positive Psychology practitioner. She enjoys teaching Math and helping students to breakdown complex word problems like a puzzle. Outside of teaching, she advocates the importance of regulating of emotions and building resilience to help young souls maneuver in an ever-changing world.  

Geekyauntie Jenny

Jenny is a finance professional by day and a writer by night. She has a penchant for numbers, quotes, and anything beautiful and colourful. She likes her things done efficiently and can’t get used to chilling in one corner. She takes her work seriously, but not herself.  Jenny hopes to exude positive vibes to people around her through her light-hearted jokes and bubbly, joyous laughter.

Profile Pic Isabelle

Isabelle spends her time thinking about the human mind, macroeconomic structure and start-up ecosystem. She is currently observing how a change in one’s mindset can lead to the betterment of daily life.

Profile Pic DavidWoon

Under the guise of a PhD geek in a large aerospace company, David is actually a time vigilante, prowling during the wee hours to try to kidnap wasted Time in order to save the cyberworld by uncovering unbeatable online bargains and defending against cybervillainy.

silias - profilepic

A financial Consultant by day and a Biotechnologist by night.
Has an acute interest in financial know-hows and the way to achieve financial independence and freedom.
Loves food, travelling and cars!


Samantha spends a great deal of time daydreaming, dissecting ideas, finding the right words for them, and somehow still managing to get work done. She appreciates a good pun or ten, and could go on all day about how she’s dying for a good drink.

Geekyauntie Mingkai

Ming Kai grew up fighting for the alliance in World of Warcraft. The knowledge and perspective from gaming has strengthened his typing skills. He is convinced that the Internet is a nice place, and wants to make you happy.