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Ranked as one of the world’s best airport for consecutively many years, Changi Airport has finally revealed the latest terminal, Terminal 4,  to meet the growing demands as an air hub in South East Asia. Here’s our take on the new airport as we take a sneak peak into this state-of-the-art and high tech terminal  – a Changi Airport Terminal 4 Open House Review. You will be amazed with the little detail that was put in place for the visitors.

Getting to Terminal 4 Open House

Driving along the Pan Island Expressway (PIE), there were clear signs leading to Terminal 4. Do get your car label ready and follow security instructions on where to park after a standard security check.

Do note that the walkway from the carpark to the departure hall is on level 2. Your tour starts from the departure hall. Hence, park your car at level 2 to reduce the need for lifts.

First Impression of Changi Airport T4

A very familiar sight yet some what futuristic scene greeted us as we stepped into the departure hall. The airport’s management kept the interior design fresh by having the counters and booths in a futuristic white theme. All the signboards were kept consistent as with the other 3 terminals.

We did not have to worry about getting lost as clear signage were put up to direct us to the check-in counters.


With multiple counters opened for visitors, checking in/registration was a breeze. Changi Group puts in the effort to pay attention to every detail. ‘Boarding passes’ were customised with our names! It is 100%  unnecessary but I was so impressed with the effort they made enhance our visitors’ experience. The service desk staff were patient enough to explain to us the use of the QR Code on our boarding passes and how to connect to the free WiFi. Thereafter, we were told to wait for our tour to start at the designated waiting area. Thumbs up for the thoughtful service.

Totally an Instagram-able piece to tell everyone you are ‘flying’ off .

Designated waiting area

Huge screens located at the waiting area will indicate which tour is open or closing. If the timing of your tour indicates “open”, then head to the check-in area. If it is not your time slot, take the time to check out the huge and fancy toilet. Alternatively, make use of the waiting time by downloading the T4 Open House App.

waiting area

Can you spot the cleaning robot?

Terminal 4 Open House App

At the back of the ‘boarding pass’, you will find instructions to download the “T4 Open House App”. The App is optional for the tour but if you would like to win some discount vouchers, be sure to download it from the app store. Free!

To start your experience, scan the QR code on your boarding pass.

During the tour, there are sensors located at various zones, so its best to keep your Bluetooth switched on. Once you have entered into a demarcated zone, the App will prompt you to try out some quizzes. Answering the questions correctly will get you e-vouchers which you can enjoy at the other terminals after the tour.

Complete a survey at the end of the tour and stand a chance to win a mystery prize. Sadly, we were not that lucky to win the mystery prize. =(


Automated Check-in counters

The tour starts with a simple explanation on the new automated check-in process. Singapore has taken a step further by having automated baggage drop-off!

Usually, the boarding pass and luggage tagging process are automated but not the baggage drop-off. The process looks pretty seamless and fast. Just make sure to stick your luggage tags the correct way to ensure a fast and speedy process.

While self check-in counters may not be something new, Changi Airport Terminal 4 will be one of the newer airports to introduce facial recognition in its passenger authentication process. The moment you do a check-in to your flight followed by a bag drop, the pod will take a photo of each passenger as part of its passenger authentication process.

FAST booth


Immigration clearance

Expect full body scans after clearing immigration customs. Similar to those in USA and Europe. As compared to Terminals 1, 2 and 3, Terminal 4 is an upgraded version, given a new facelift. We may be able to expect a faster and smoother clearance process in the near future.

Did we forget to mention High-Definition Screens at the top of the automated clearance? The whole show runs for 10 minutes and it is mesmerizing to stop and stare at it.


Family friendly activities fill the departure hall. From photo taking contests to win free flights from Air Asia and Korean Air, to children play areas. There’s something for everyone.

Do like my instagram photo! – Here

Head to the Heritage Zone and enjoy a short Peranakan love story composed by Singapore’s very own Dick Lee in the backdrop of Peranakan shop houses. Impressive digital theater stage made the actors/actresses look so life-like.

Instagramable spots

If you love taking photos of yourself or others, then Terminal 4 has many Instagram worthy spots to take that OOTD shot.

Resting Corner

If you like to have a rest and enjoy the cool air-con, be sure to check out the many differents spots all around the terminal.

My favorite spot would definitely is the area with the charging port. Hehe!

iShop Changi

End your experience by signing up for Changi Rewards. Exclusive to the T4 Open House, when you sign up at T4, you’ll get 500 points free which you can use to exchange for rewards, free gift and free popcorn! Who wouldn’t like some free stuff right? =)


Checking Off

After purchasing or collecting your items, you will be ushered into the Arrival Hall for the last stop. My opinion, this is the best spot to photograph the petal clouds. As there are no glass inbetween you and the piece of art.

The arrival hall can be seen from the departure area. You could literally look down and watch the baggage go by.



The T4 Open House experience was a rather pleasant one. We were in awe by the technology advancement and attention to detail. Indeed, Singapore is moving towards being a Smart Nation. Now, we’ll just wait for the airport to be fully functional and we will fly off from T4!

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