My experience with Petopia and how it changed Max’s life

I chanced upon Petopia back in 2012 when I was searching high and low for a good pet hotel for Max when I’m overseas. Since then, the wonderful experience with Petopia changed both Max and my life. 

I guess we all have read or heard of horror stories about pet hotels or groomers ill-treating dogs and keeping them in cages like forever. Worried that that would happen to Max and like all pet parents, I would not leave Singapore with a piece of mind. 

Ever since I found this pet wellness centre located at a quiet street in Jalan Kelulut (off Yio Chu Kang Road), I was in love with their beliefs, friendly ambiance and focus on the holistic wellness of pets.


1. Excellent hotel service and facilities for dogs

Well-thought out services

Before we enrolled Max into the hotel, we had a tour. Located on the second floor, all dogs have a “suite”. We were encouraged to bring Max’s own bedding, favourite items and water bowl to give him a sense of familiarity. Twice daily, the staff would walk the dogs, giving them the exercise they need. In the afternoons, the pooches get to socialise at the common play area just outside their suites.

Before Max got checked into his suite, he underwent a thorough check for ticks. We all know, ticks can spread real fast among dogs. Not to mention the diseases ticks carries. Max was checked and sprayed with Petopia’s in-house anti-tick solution which was made from all natural ingredients. They do not believe in the use of Frontline because of its harmful side effects. Moreover, Frontline kills the ticks, not the eggs. So there is the potential risk that the dog would still be tick-infested.  

Every dog would be checked thoroughly for ticks before and after every walking session too. They strongly believe in preventing ticks rather then reacting to the ticks infestation. 

Petopia hotel
Spot Max in the common play area. Photo courtesy of Petopia International.

Technology in the hotel

There’s more. After checking into the hotel, the staff guided me through the process of downloading an app to view Max in the hotel through IP cameras. Cameras were located all around the hotel and inside the suite. We could “spot-check” on Max at anytime of the day (and night, sometimes even at 2 am HEHEHE).

playing with max eating food


The staff were very prompt in cleaning up poo and wee. We were very impressed when we noticed Max pooed in his suite, and it was cleaned immediately after it was spotted by the dedicated hotel staff. 

I like how Petopia puts in the extra effort to think through each process, making dogs feel safe and feel comfortable in unfamiliar environments. This assures pet parents like myself that their little ones are in safe hands. 

2. Day Care Centre

Petopia provides day care services. We had the option to choose either a 3 or 6 hour day care service. I find the day care services especially useful when I have to run errands and not worry about Max being alone at home feeling unsecured. Max got to socialise with the other dogs at the centre and a dog-sitter would always be around to keep a close watch on the dogs making sure they are not up to mischief or fight. As with the hotel, dogs entering the day care centre would also be checked for ticks. 🙂 That’s great news for all pet parents!

pet hotel

3. Spa for doggies!

Dogs need spa too. Not for luxury purposes but for health reasons. Just like humans, dogs can suffer from skin problems too, and the spa therapies help to alleviate the symptoms. Because of Singapore’s high humidity, most dog skins are not accustomed to the weather here, causing excess sebum production.

Of the many doggie spa centres popping up around Singapore, Petopia has got to be my favourite. Petopia believes in using the very best and latest technology to give dogs the best treatment and therapy. Petopia keeps a keen look out for new launches on spa equipment and every few months, they bring in the latest spa facilities for dogs from Japan. They spare no effort in searching for the very best equipment and products. There is so much dedication and effort put into delivering the very best.

Max tried the Clay Pack Infra-red (FIR) Therapy Treatment and Hinoki Onsen Dip for his troubled skin. After one therapy, we could see improvement. He did not scratch as often and flaky skin was reduced.

(Disclaimer: results varies from dog to dog, depending on skin condition)

Petopia has other spa treatments for pet parents to choose from with many other benefits. Check out the list of spa treatments here.

Petopia Spa

4. Impeccable groomers

Petopia places high standards for their groomers. Their groomers undergo rigorous interviews in Japan and possesses meticulous and skillful grooming techniques. Petopia values quality over quantity when it comes to grooming of dogs. There is a limit to the number of dogs groomed daily. This is to ensure that the dogs would not wait too long to be groomed. At the same time, the groomers would not be overwhelmed and exhausted.

There have been instances where owners left their dogs at the groomers’ in the morning and the dogs got groomed only in the evening. Can you imagine how torturous that was for the poor dog, hungry and thirsty while waiting?

We have been grooming Max at Petopia for a couple of years and have not looked back since. Not to mention, we love the trinkets worn on Max each time he finishes grooming. 

Petopia log book
Max’s grooming log book given by Petopia.

grooming max lots of trinket

5. Investing in Research & Development

Other than keeping a lookout for the latest spa technology, Petopia invests on R&D into all natural products. They have developed their very own skin and hair care range for dogs called Pure Blyss. No parabens and sulfates. As a paraben and sulfate-free user myself, I was delighted when I found out Petopia had this range of dog shampoo and conditioner. Petopia collaborated with aromatherapists. Each product is infused with essential oils and the benefits of essential oils are endless. If we humans reap the benefits of the essential oil, shouldn’t we also use the same for our dogs who we treat so dearly too?

Max uses the Balancing Skin + Coat shampoo which is infused with Patchouli and Grapefruit. We also got him the Elderflower + Yarrow Wound Care Salve as he has frequent heat rash. The balm helps to soothe his rashes, allowing Max to scratch less frequently. FYI, I used the balm on myself once when I developed rashes and I was amazed that in a few minutes, the itching stopped and subsequently healed. Human and dog friendly! Thumbs up for it!

They have a whole lot more range or products. Check it out here.

pure blyss pure blyss


Petopia values products and treatment that works. They do not simply sell for the sake of selling but spend time and money to innovate their own products.

Having gone through so many cheap groomers in the past, I settled with Petopia because of its proven treatments. In the long run, I save much more by not visiting the vet for skin related problems.

Share with us your experiences and stories with Petopia below!

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This post was written based on the writer’s personal experience. No part of this post was sponsored.


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