Twenty Eight Cafe – Cool Hangout with Great Food



If you want to hang out in a cool place in the heart of Singapore’s vibrant city area, check out Twenty Eight Cafe at 28 Wilkie Road, just opposite Wilkie Edge Mall where you will find ample parking lots.


twenty eight cafe ambience

The environment is welcoming and utterly relaxing with wide open spaces and excellent lighting.



The first thing I checked was the speed of its free Wifi network and it was respectably fast and good enough for basic surfing and youtubing:




The food tasted as good as its presentation and was reasonably priced too! My wife and I totally enjoyed its signature burger at $21.90 (portion was perfect for the two of us!):

twenty eight cafe food


I was pleasantly surprised to discover Indian Churros, an original side conceived by its owner. At $5.90 only, you get to enjoy typical churros with a tinge of prata taste perfectly blended together!

twenty eight cafe food


The food catered to the young too as my son thoroughly relished his creamy Cabonara at an affordable price tag of $14.90.

Check out its Facebook page here now and share your dining experience with us soon ya!



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