A refreshing escape – Escapade with Teafolia


Just enjoyed a wonderful satisfying meal with family at Escapade with Teafolia, a welcoming peaceful haven nestled in Central-South Singapore (37 Kampong Bahru Road, Singapore 169356) which is easily accessible from wherever you are via the Central Expressway (CTE) within 30 minutes.



The friendly owner John (standing next to me) is also the chef and co-creator (with his daughter Jerusha) of this contemporary café concept which combines the usual café stuff with a special bubble tea filled with fresh fruits.

I started with its signature fruit tea (four seasons tea + assorted fruits) and frankly, I was initially a little skeptical of its taste and its premium price tag (S$6.90!) didn’t help too!

My very first sip was a pleasant surprise as somehow the tastes of both the tea and fruits didn’t overwhelm each other but magically complemented each other resulting in a refreshing sensation as it flowed down my throat.


While waiting for my food, I decided to venture further by having small bites of the generous amounts of luscious fruits in the drink. I found some pieces of water melon, green apple and bits of pineapple too. Each mouthful of fruit blended with tea yielded unique experiences which I totally savoured. Can’t wait to try the other 10 flavours in its fruit tea series!

The first dish that arrived was the homemade Swedish meatballs with mash. My only encounter with such meatballs was at Ikea so I can’t comment much except that they somehow tasted better especially with the special brown sauce!


The next dish turned out unexpectedly authentic because I was almost certain that the tandoori flavour can never be replicated in a small café as it requires a traditional Tandoor clay oven! Of course there wasn’t the usual smokiness smell but the Tandoori Wrap came really close in terms of taste!


Finally, my main course the BBQ Chicken Burger arrived! I had high expectations which were mostly met! The chicken thigh with melted cheese was tender and absolutely delicious! My only gripe was the replacement of French fries with crispy chips; I feel that cheesy fries with mayonnaise would be a more suitable combo with the burger.

Last but not least, at the recommendation of John, we had to try his painstakingly-perfected waffle recipe. Coupled with creamy vanilla ice-cream and fresh strawberries, I must say it was a most fitting end to our gastronomic journey! I had certainly tasted better waffles but I would still give it 8 out of 10!

All in all, I would highly recommend Escapade with Teafolia if you want to try something new in a not-so-crowded place that is central with healthy fruity drinks and food that is not too oily yet yummy.

There is ample cheap parking too! close by (beside Kampung Bahru Bus Terminal) so you will never need to jostle for a lot even during peak periods! And if you’re taking the MRT, it’s even easier to get there as it’s just a 5-min walk from Outram Park MRT Exit F.

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