4 Valentine’s Day gift ideas that are practical and geeky

Valentine’s Day is round the corner. What to get for your significant other? Always the same old stuff, flowers, watch or chocolate? What to shop for? 

Whether your significant other admits it or not, Valentine’s Day is a big deal especially for her and most guys are clueless on the annual gift ritual. Getting the right present is a great way to start the Valentine week and it shows that effort has been put in. This year, skip the usual, no more cheesy chocolate or the usual perfume. While geeky gifts are usually the most unromantic in appearance but the thought and presentation will sure impress her. Here are 4 Valentine’s Day gift ideas that are practical and geeky.

For the couple who loves taking photographs/video.

1)Get him/her a personal cloud system. (e.g WD myCloud)

(It is similar to Dropbox but you own the physical disk and you can access it anytime through mobile or desktop. 1 time payment for huge storage space)

WD My Cloud

Why this is practical: Every couple has their up and downs through the relationship, by having all the happy memories in a single place helps to cheer her up during the tough times. As your collection starts to grow, it becomes a reminder of what two of you have gone through and the many significant private moments that both of you shared. I started the collection ever since Marilynn and I got together. Today, we have over 300 folders of photos and every time we have an argument, the photos will be a stark reminder that we have come so far. Marilynn testified that looking at the photos does make her smile after an argument. 

cloud spec

How to present the gift: Tell her that you want to start a private collection of all the happy memories that you have had with her and you want her to access it anytime and anywhere. Whenever she is feeling low, let her know that all the happy memories are at her fingertips and she can be happy.


For the long distance couple or those who love talking on the phone.

2)Get him/her a XiaoMi Bluetooth earpiece.

(At $13SGD , it is the cheapest and most reliable Bluetooth earpiece with v4.X you can find in the market)

xiaomi bluetooth earpiece

Why this is practical: In the past, Bluetooth earpieces could only be synced with the phone but not the desktop/laptop. A separate Bluetooth dongle has to be purchased. Now, with the new Bluetooth standard (4.X), the Bluetooth earpiece can be synced across all devices, making this the 1 item you need to get for work, while driving and for chatting with her. Plus point: it is so small and light and uses the standard micro-USB for charging.

How to present the gift: Buy a pair like I did. Present it as a couple item where both of you could use it for long distance phone calls. Talking on the phone with matching earpiece, so geeky!

Bonus Tip: In fact, this Bluetooth earpiece offers a huge advantage to gamers. You can now chat on the phone with her and play a round of DOTA with your buddies, hands-free! Also, you can now rage out loud in game while she complains about the boss in the office. She would have thought that you are siding with her and love you more!  Note: GeekyAuntie holds no responsibility if she finds out the truth. 🙂

For the “always-travel” couple.

3)Get him/her an anti-theft magnetic card case

anti-theft magnetic card case

Why this is practical:  Given today’s advancement in technology, all of our credit cards are actually contact-less cards where we could just “tap and pay” over the counter (i.e. pay wave). But this gives rise to high-tech crimes which allow thieves to steal your credit card details through the same method. Keeping the credit cards inside the case prevents such thefts from happening. See the video below to understand how electronic pickpockets works.

How to present the gift: Giving the gift itself is a little plain, add a nice note inside to surprise her. Let her know that the anti-theft case would help her during her travels. Also, the case provides a good way to consolidate the credit cards together.


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For the Couple who enjoys singing and karaoke!

4)The latest Bluetooth Microphone with speaker attached

bluetooth microphone

bluetooth microphone

Why this is practical: How often are we turned off by the complex Karaoke system needed? Now with the Bluetooth Microphone, your significant other and you can karaoke anytime! The microphone comes with the speaker attached at the bottom which allows you to play your “minus-1” music through your phone via Bluetooth. And when you sing through the mic, the speaker will amplify your voice. You now have a stand-alone Karaoke system! The microphone can provide echo sound system too! Get yours here

How to present the gift: You start by playing a nice romantic music and sing to her! This simple act demonstrates the use of the microphone and your voice will serenade her heart.

Watch  the video below to see the Microphone in action!


What do you think about the gifts? Like the ideas ? Comment below if you have other Geeky Valentine’s Day gift ideas!



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