5 items teachers would need when school re-opens

It the time of the year again where every student would be preparing their school bags for school. Teachers would need to pack their bags too.

Here is my list of 5 items that every teacher should get to make life a little easier when dealing with your new class and getting your engines started. Don’t just stop at buying one. Buy as many as you can. The more the merrier (Kiasu-ism at its very best!)

1. Hand Sanitiser

Definitely the first item to get! There are germs every where and you wouldn’t want to fall sick on the first week of school. My favourite would be Guardian’s house brand hand sanitiser. I prefer to buy the 250ml bottle because you’ll be amazed how fast these can be used. Look out for the Guardian sale. Sometimes they sell it in a pack of 3, which is very economical aka value for money. One to put in the staff room, one in the class room and one spare (just in case). When you start using the spare bottle, you know it’s time to head to Guardian again.


2. Honey & Vitamin C

Don’t forget to get your throat soothe and immunity boosted in the midst of the start-of-school-term mayhem. Teachers need to take care of themselves too, right? *winks*


3. Red Pens

The pen is mightier than a sword. Red, blue, black, green and purple! All also need, all also want, all also get! We need these to brave through the stacks of homework.


4. Name labels

Things get lost easily, so get a name label and stick on anything and everything that belongs to you, especially on whiteboard markers and water bottles. At least students or teachers know who to return it too when it’s found!


5. Happy food~!

The hardest part of school is starting school. Sounds contradicting eh? But yeah, we need to get our engines and brains started again. What a better way to combat the post holiday blues with happy food! Chocolates, potato chips, cookies and the list goes on. Oh, and did I mention, happy food is a wonderful social bonding tool with your fellow teachers.


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