5 things you need to know about Bookfest@Singapore 2016


The annual Popular Bookfest is back for the 10th year. The best place to shop for stationery, books and tidbits. Here are my 5 things I think everyone should know before they head to the Bookfest at Suntec. 


1. Coupon book

Get your Coupon book before you head into the shopping arena and start your shopping frenzy! The book is sold for $3 outside halls 401-404. However, you can get it free if you are a Popular card member. Not a Popular card member yet? No worries, just sign up at their membership booth outside the convention halls. This year, they are giving free membership for new sign-ups. 

So what’s in the coupon book? You’ll find coupons that can be used on top of the discounted items. For instance, I bought 2 sharpeners for my class. Each sharpener costs $4.90, but with the coupon, I get each sharpener for $2.90. I save $4 just like that. Yay! Of course you would need to scan through the coupon book thoroughly and find deals which would fit what you want to buy. It would be better to do this before you head to the fair to save time and at the same time plan what you need. 




2. Daily Specials

If you do not have the coupon book, fret not. Look out for the Daily Specials board outside the entrance before you enter into the hall. 

Other than the Daily Special boards, when in the halls, look out for Star Buys. Especially at the Assessment book section. Whether you are buying assessment books for your child, family member or as an additional teaching resource, it’s one of the HOT places to head first. Why? Because the assessment books are being sold at 20% to 40% off the usual price. You can get a grammar exercise assessment book for $3.90. Other than assessment books, check out the reading books. There is such a wide range of books to choose from, I took a very long time deciding what books I wanted to buy. This year, I bought some National Geographic kids books for my students. Each book costs $6.95 before a 20% discount. Buying books at discounted prices. Definitely a YAY!







3. Mini Giveaways

Everyone loves free stuff. Being the “auntie” that I am, I spotted a “Snap & Win” poster while heading up to the halls. Snap a picture and win something. So I took a photo and went to queue at the counter (beside the membership booth) to redeem my prize at the sure-win lucky dip. I won a packet of marshmallows and my friends won discount vouchers for merchandises . Not too bad eh?

If you spend up to a certain amount, they have giveaways for you too. You might want to plan what you intend to buy and budget a little so that you can get the giveaways. Check out the giveaways at this link


4. Credit Card deals

The best credit cards to use in Bookfest 2016? Citibank SMRT and POSB Everyday card. Other than chalking up rebates for your card, if you spend $120 and above, you get to redeem a $5 cash voucher that can be used during the duration of the Bookfest. The redemption queue can be tremendously long, but getting a $5 cash voucher is something better than nothing. 


5. Trolley/luggage

If you are intending to buy loads of things, I would strongly suggest you bring along a trolley or hand-carry luggage. One book may not weigh much, but imagine 6 or 7 books together, that weighs something. Rather than lugging your purchases in plastic bags that may break anytime because of the weight and cause your dear fingers to hurt, bring a trolley or luggage! Pack your purchases in, and you’re good to go. 


Last but not least, know the floor plan of the hall. You can plan out what to shop for first before going on to the next section. This way, you wouldn’t have to waste time zig-zagging through the hall. This is my simplified version of the layout in the hall for you reference. 🙂



It may get rather crowded since it is the school holidays period now. So keep calm, plan what you need to get, head there and enjoy shopping!

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