5 Places for teachers to shop

I would prefer to call this… stocking up. As teachers, we would need to stock up on red pens or get that new stamp for the new school term. So these are the 5 places I would always head to satisfy my urge to shop, all in the name of having adequate resources/materials to brave the new term (or anytime of the year).


1. Annual Popular Book Fair


Some call it Bookfest@Singapore, some call it the Popular book fair. Anyway that it is being called, this is the place I will always think of when I need to restock supplies. Even though it happens at the end of the year, you can always be Kiasu and plan ahead for the next year right?

Things to buy there would be: $1.50 coloured pencils, pens, pencils, sharpeners, blue tac, correction tape and refills and the list goes on.

Other than stationeries, keep a look out for teaching resources. They do sell useful teaching resources such as phonetic charts and numbers to 100 number line. If you are a lower primary teacher like myself, these charts would add a pop of colour and life to your classroom.



2. Daiso

If a one-time shopping at the end of the year is not enough, there is always Daiso! I love their red ink pens and plastic containers to help keep my work desk and teacher’s table in class organized. Do I need to mention more? They have everything we need (well, most of the time)!!!



3. Wholesale Direct

My favourtie go-to place for Children’s Day presents. I have been patronizing them ever since I started my teaching career. They sell stationeries at value for money prices and in bulk (think 120 pencils in a box for $10). Not to mention, the designs are rather cute too, which students will love. I love their encouragement stickers which are so colourful and of good quality. A booklet with more than 300 stickers costs $2.80. Super duper worth it! They sell teacher stamps and name labels too!

If Taobao is too messy for you to search for the items you want, try Wholesale Direct. And, if you find heading to their showroom in Tai Seng is too troublesome, you can contact them and get them to do a visit to your school, bringing in samples for your fellow teachers to touch and feel and do mass ordering. Good idea right? Save money on transport and delivery charge. HEHE!



4. Whiteway Educational Supplies

Whiteway Educational Supplies caters to teacher’s inner need – stamps. One stamp is never enough. These stamps are created by fellow teachers. They understand our need to have that stamp that says “Guided by teacher” or “Where is your equation?”. Each stamp costs $9, but the more stamps you buy, each stamp will then cost $7. A good way to save that $2 would be to rally in your fellow colleagues and buy together.It may be a little pricey but the self-inking stamp is of good quality and the ink doesn’t smudge on paper. Besides, they have a wide range of designs to cater to our every need.



5. Cak Cak Kuti

This is another startup by former teachers. They specialize in Malay language educational resources but do sell English and Chinese resources as well. I particularly like their colourful posters and incentive charts. At $9 to $10 per piece, I would say it is rather value for money, comparing to other establishments that I have bought from. I got myself the Good Reader poster for my class and my students loved it.


Have fun shopping!

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