10 features in ClassDojo that teachers will love.

When I first started teaching, I was introduced to ClassDojo by a fellow teacher who used it as a reward system. Now, after 2 years of using the app, I would say it’s the best app/software a teacher could use. Think Facebook but for teachers, parents and students!

Here are my 10 features that I love about this app.


1. ClassDojo is available on all devices! (Desktop, Mobile and Tablet)


Available on both iOs and Android, parents using any type of phones would be able to download the app and get connected to you (of course, they would need to sign up for an account and get the class code from you). I use my devices interchangeably, so any time and any where, I am connected to my class.



2. Create as many virtual groups/class as I need.


Sometimes we do have more than one teaching class.  What a way to connect different groups of parents by creating groups or classes for each teaching class you get.



3. Comes with an inbuilt messenger system just like “Whatapp”! No more sharing of personal mobile number !


ClassDojo comes with an inbuilt messenger system and broadcast messages just like Whatsapp! I could mass send weekly updates to all of my 49 parents with a single post and still communicate with them privately if I need to. Oh, and on top of that, I can view which parents have seen my messages. It’s a good way for me to know which parents are in the loop and which parents I would need to engage more.




4. Just like WhatApp or messenger, parents and you can exchange photos privately with each other.


Whether it being urgent messages or updates on child’s progress, parents know that I am always contactable through this channel. Talk about 2 way communication!



5. Share files, photos and videos on a FB-like style to all parents in class.


Parents would love to know what their child is up too in school. What a better way to let them know through pictures! There’s also a “Like” and “Comments” section too!



6. Students get to create their own avatar!


Parents can help their child to create a Student account. I know my students love creating their avatar to show their individuality and imagination.



7. Point system tracked live by parents and students.


Award points for being the best speller in a term, good behaviour or even keeping the classroom clean. OR Deduct points for late homework, teasing or unpreparedness. The list is infinite and you get the autonomy to decide what  behaviours you are looking out for and how much points to give or deduct.



8. Points analysis done for each child.


In this technological era, teachers must be prepared to look and present smartly. ClassDojo charts out points analysis for each child and as a class.  I find this particularly useful during Parent-Teacher-Conference. At one glance, you can discuss what needs to be worked on. Simple and straight forward. Don’t need to crack your head thinking about what to talk to this parent.



9. Quiet time feature. Set your own time. Parents know when they message you past working hours. It’s your quiet time.


This is the 1 feature  that every teacher should need. We, as educators, need our beauty sleep and rest to recharge for the next day of battle.



10. Finally, it’s free and the company has pledged it to be FREE!  Auntie Approved!



Of course, there are much more other excellent features than the ones stated here, like their prompt feedback system, Big Ideas to teach about empathy or bullying. The list goes on… but I’ll leave those for you to explore!



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