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Singapore is well-known for her majestic city skyline, Hollywood-featured Marina Bay Sands and has one of the best airports in the world. For many years, tucked away at a corner of Singapore, are a group of farmers who banded together to form a farmer’s association, also known as Kranji Countryside Association. Here’s our guide on farm hopping at Kranji Countryside.

Getting there

Via Shuttle Service: Head to Kranji MRT to board the Express bus. Find the schedule here.

Via Car:  The address for each farm will be linked at each individual title. Google Map is very accurate with the directions in Kranji.

Taxi Availability: Taxi are impossible, if not , scarce. So head to number 1 on my list.

1. Thow Kwang Pottery

Address: 85 Lorong Tawas Singapore 639823

Opening Hours: 9am – 5pm

Well, technically this is not a farm, but the pottery jungle is part of the Kranji Countryside Association. The pottery jungle can be found at the first junction after exiting PIE (Exit 36). The pottery jungle should be your first stop as taxis are still relative easy to find when you are done exploring.

Thow Kwang Dragon Klin

In the pottery jungle, you will find one of the last two surviving Dragon Kiln near the entrance. I visited the kiln multiple times when I was younger, but I was still in awe with the size of it. The kiln is only used 3 – 4 times a year.

Thow Kwang Dragon Klin

Thow Kwang Dragon Klin

You can find multiple pre-made pottery ware for sale.

There are also hobbyist sitting around the crafting area, getting their creative juices flowing with their pieces.

Thow Kwang Dragon Klin

If you are interested, you can actually sign up for their classes, and the pottery piece you crafted will be fired up in the Dragon Kiln, depending on the date of your class!

2. Hausmann Marketing Aquarium

Address: 291 Neo Tiew Cres, Singapore 719099

The aquarium should be your next stop if you could get a taxi from the pottery center. Located far north, near Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve, Hausmann Aquarium’s primary business is to import/export fish feed but they do open their shop for retail as well. If you are looking for decors for your aquarium tank, aquarium accessories such as tank pump and of course the aquarium fishes, this is a good place to come!

Hausmann Marketing Aquarium

Be awed by the variety of exotic fishes on display as you take a nice stroll down their tanks. It felt like a mini “S.E.A. Aquarium (Sentosa)” for us. If you’ve got children with you, you can buy fish food from the front desk and get to experience feeding these exotic fishes.

Hausmann Marketing Aquarium

Hausmann Marketing Aquarium

If you have time, head to the pond at the back for some recreational fishing.

Once you’re done exploring the Aquarium, walk down to Kin Yan Agrotech or if you are hungry, head to Nyee Phoe for lunch.

3. Kin Yan Agrotech Pte Ptd

Address: 220 Neo Tiew Crescent, 718830

Kin Yan is Singapore’s largest commercial producer and supplier of organic wheatgrass. In here, you can find farming structures within the greenhouse where multiple tiers of wheat grass are grown organically. The grass looks quite memorizing where they are stacked together.

wheat grass

wheat grass

Kin Yan Agrotech Pte Ptd

At the far end of the greenhouse, you can find a dark room where mushrooms are cultivated. I believe the room gives a glimpse of the growing process while the main farming takes place in the multiple sheds behind the farm.

The mushrooms grown on the compost almost looks alien-like.

Kin Yan Agrotech Pte Ptd Kin Yan Agrotech Pte Ptd

Grab a bottle of fresh wheat grass juice and a cup of wheat grass ice cream once you are done at the retail shop.

Kin Yan Agrotech Pte Ptd

4. Nyee Phoe (Gardenasia)

Address: 240 Neo Tiew Cres, Singapore 718898

Head to Nyee Phoe (Gardenasia) for lunch. You can find the bistro, a large area dedicated to farm-stays and team-building activities. You can even hold your very own wedding party here!

After lunch, board the shuttle bus to the next stop! Hay Dairy!

5. Hay Dairies

Address: 3 Lim Chu Kang Lane 4, 5718859

Hay Dairy is not your usual dairy farm, it is actually a goat farm! According to the owner, goat’s milk is actually more beneficial as compared to the usual cow’s milk we drink. They are lower in lactose, has fewer allergenic proteins and causes lesser inflammation.

Hay Daries

Hay Dairies

Right behind the retail counter is an area dedicated to educating the public how the farm milks the goats. Unfortunately, when we reached, the show was over. If you intend to view the milking process, be sure to be at the farm at 9am.

Hay Dairies

We headed to the “petting zone” where the calves can be found in the pen. You can purchase hay (goat food) to feed these adorable creatures while petting them.

Hay Dairies

We walked down the “petting zone” and the older goats ccould be found. Some of them have reached adulthood and could be seen quite “horny” with their private parts sticking out. If you are lucky, live-action copulation of the 2 goats.

Don’t forget to buy fresh goat’s milk to drink before you board the bus to head to the last stop!

Hay Dairies

6. Jurong Frog Farm

Here, you will find exotic food such as crocodile nugget, fried frog leg and crispy frog skin!

Jurong Frog Farm

Jurong Frog Farm

Food aside, the frog farm is great for families with children. Apart from learning about each stage of a frog’s life-cycle, the children get to feed the frogs with fish food available for sale at the shop. What a good way to put education and fun together.

Jurong Frog Farm

After exploring the farm, try out the exotic food for the experience. It’s quite clear Marilynn doesn’t really like the idea of eating frog skin. Haha.

Jurong Frog Farm

This will most likely be your last stop. Thereafter, take the shuttle bus from the frog farm back to Kranji MRT.


We found Kranji Countryside very family friendly. Your children like the interaction with the animals and each farm made the effort to put up billboards with fun facts about their respective animals/plants. Best of all, you get to eat, have fun and learn something new on this learning journey! Too bad we didn’t have enough time exploring the other farms in Kranji Countryside. ‘Till another time then!

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