How to get free E-books from Amazon for Kindle

With the increasing inventory of e-commence portals such as Lazada, Qoo10 and Shopee SG, you can now easily get a Kindle Device. But books in Amazon costs money and if you’re as thrifty as me, you would find free alternatives and not pay for the books.  Ever since I got my Kindle back in 2014, I have been constantly “purchasing” books for free! Let me share how to get free E-books from Amazon for Kindle!

Step 1: Register an Amazon Account


First step is to register an account with Amazon. If you have an existing account, good for you. 

In recent years, Amazon has changed their policies, you can now purchase e-books from the Singapore Amazon store. E-books will be stored in your account’s cloud storage, ready to be downloaded into your Kindle device or smartphone’s app.

Step 2: Link your Kindle with the Amazon Account



I assumed you would have purchased the Kindle either from Amazon or through one of the e-commence portal. If you have not purchased the Kindle device, you can download the Kindle Reading App from iTunes or Google Play Store. The free books works with both the Kindle device and the reading app.

Step 3: Check out the ultimate secret to get free E-books from Amazon for Kindle


Now for the final step, this has been my ultimate secret for a few years now and every day I have been browsing it constantly for the latest free books.

Freebook sifter is the answer! Its is a web application where it scans the entire Amazon catalog and displays the link to the free books on its web site. It sorts the books into 30 different categories such as Parenting, Investing and Friction. It also proudly displays the number of free books you can actually download. As this point of writing, there are actually 58497 books which are listed as free! 

To purchase the free books, browse to your desired category. 



Select the book that catches your eye. Click on the link and it will direct you to the Amazon page.



Scroll to the bottom to read the reviews. And if you’re interested in the book, click “Buy Now with 1-Click”

Your Kindle will now automatically download the e-book and you can start reading! (Assuming you connected your Kindle to a Wi-Fi connection.)




Usually aspiring authors would have their books made free for the public to entice people into reading them. I strongly encourage you to give them a try and you will be amazed at how these independent authors have so much to offer. There were times when I finished the first book of the series, I purchased the remaining books to show my support for these authors.

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