Review: PHS Hairscience Customized Hair and Scalp Therapy


Aging exacerbates hairfall problems, and mainstream shampoo does not seem to do my hair any favors. So, I was intrigued by PHS Hairscience Customized Hair and Scalp Therapy trial at $38. I decided to give it a try!

PHS Hairscience

Book your appointment online 

You can select your preferred date, time and location. Do note that it is not necessary to pay online as you can pay directly at the store. You will receive a call to confirm your appointment.

PHS Hairscience Plaza Sing
Plaza Singapura outlet

30-minute consultancy 

You are requested to bring along your NRIC to register. Upon arrival, you are asked to share your personal, health and dietary information.

After scanning your scalp, you will receive a torpedo of hair and scalp-related information – from the life cycle of hair, the herbs in their products to the treatments available – all of which you won’t remember after you walk out of the room.

I was then told that the scalp therapy would not be effective unless a detoxification was first done. For detox, it would be an additional $58. However, it came with a caveat – “You will need to do at least 4x detox for it to be truly effective. In the first instance, it will only do 50% of the job.”

Well, if you are there to try the scalp therapy, you would want it to be somewhat effective. So yes, I took it up.

Therapy begins 

The entire treatment lasts for an hour. The layout of the place looked like a normal hair salon with islands of “work station”, adjacent to a row of shampoo backwash.

The procedure was methodically delivered by a friendly and attentive therapist – who also serves you drinks, brings you blanket and takes you through the entire process. Great service!

Before every step, an elaborate explanation was delivered in Mandarin. While I considered my command of the Chinese language to be stronger than most, I had no idea what she was saying – even after I tried to clarify. In general, every step was meant to stimulate the scalp or fortify the hair.

At the end, your scalp feels truly refreshed!

Be prepared for the package spiel

You are brought back to the room to conduct a “after treatment” scan.  You are then introduced to their packages and products. Their “Detox, Stabilize, Regrowth” program sounds comprehensive. It ranges from $2000 upwards for 12x sessions to $3000 upwards for 24x sessions. Of course, there is always a promotion where other treatments are included.

There was limited difference between my before/after screenshots. Hence, I was not enticed into getting a package. However, it was really nice that they still gave 2 sachets of hair shampoo as trial.


Thumbs Up 

  • Friendly and attentive therapist – who serves you drinks, provides blanket, gives a good massage, takes you through the process and engages in small conversations
  • Transparency in the use of product – opening a new product and showing that the whole bottle was used on your scalp
  • A quiet and clean environment – which helps you to relax and enjoy the pampering
  • Technologically advanced equipment – which shows their expertise in the field
  • Natural plant-based ingredients in their products – which means less chemicals on your hair and scalp!

Thumbs Down 

  • Would have preferred them to be upfront on the price of first trial in their advertising
  • Would have preferred someone who can explain the steps in simple English


I am still searching for the perfect shampoo. Perhaps I would give their products a shot one day.

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