How to earn $5 a week by just Exercising

Everyone knows how lazy I am when it comes to exercising, especially after I need not pass the IPPT! But now I found a new motivation to earn vouchers simply by achieving 7,500 steps a day!  Yes, it’s true as I just received my first $5 Cold Storage voucher:

AIA Vitality Cold Storage Voucher

Here’s how you can do it too in 4 simple steps:

1. You must be an owner of an AIA insurance policy. Currently in Singapore, AIA is the only insurance company with such a reward scheme.

Bonus: Sign up with Health Promotion Board’s National Steps Challenge here to get additional rewards by exercising once!


2. You must sign up for the AIA Vitality Programme here. It costs just S$3 a month.

Tip: Some AIA agencies may have special promotions for customers. My agent gave me a S$30 voucher, so it’s 10 months free for me!


3. Get a compatible tracker – I highly recommend Fitbit trackers as they are well recognised, even by Singapore’s Health Promotion Board! I am happily using a Fitbit Charge 2 now.

Tip: As an AIA Vitality Programme member, you’re entitled to a 25% discount on all Fitbit trackers and also 33% on Polar trackers:

fitbit and polar tracker


4. Install the AIA Vitality Weekly Challenge App and achieve at least 7,500 steps per day for 5 days in a week – super easy even for me!!! You can choose a S$5 voucher weekly from Cold Storage, Uber or Starbucks:

weekly reward

Bonus: There are many other rewards like cashback on premiums under the programme – find out more here!

Earn vouchers and stay healthy now!

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