8 things we all do during Chinese New Year

It’s the time of the year to receive Ang Baos, give Ang Baos (for seniors and those who are married) and HUAT ar! Hahaha.
Here’s our list of 8 things  to do during Chinese New Year. Psst, the list is not exhaustive. Leave a comment below to let us know what are the things you do during CNY! 


1. Get Ang Bao

Everyone loves receiving Ang Baos. This is the time where you head to your friend’s houses to get Ang Bao from their parents and probably meet them for the first time. 

Ang Bao for CNY

2. Hong Bao Draw (a.k.a investment of the year)

With all that Ang Bao money, time to “invest” it into the biggest prize money draw of the year, the Hong Bao Draw. You will never miss the unending long snake queues at Singapore Pools. One of the many opportunities for you to “huat” big time. 

Hong Bao Draw

3. Eat Bak Kua

What is CNY without Bak Kua, Pineapple tarts, Honey Cornflakes, Hae Be Hiam, Love Letters and the list goes on. Just remember to eat in moderation. 

Bak Kua

Check out our top 5 Bak Kua picks here!

4. Lo Hei

The only time of the year where you can be excused for making a mess on the table. The higher you raise your chopsticks to toss the vegetables, the better prospects you will have in the new year! So “lo” away!!!!

CNY Lo Hei

CNY Lo Hei

5. Steamboat

A CNY must-eat! The round steamboat pot symbolises 团圆 a.k.a reunion in the family. Because it is so easy to prepare, it has become so common in every household to have steamboat during CNY where everyone in the family gather and dine together. 


6. Watch CNY movie

Ranging from new releases in the box office to timeless Hong Kong movie classics like God of Gamblers, Journey to the West or Police Story, it’s always nice to watch a movie during CNY. Have a good laugh or reminiscence on the good old days. We always look forward to local productions released during the CNY period. Support local talent, you know. 🙂

God of Gamblers, Chow Yuan Fatt

Police Story, Jackie Chan

7. Mahjong!!!!

Ahhh. Something not to be missed in almost every household during CNY. Relatives coming together to open tables of mahjong and play the night away. Not to mention the Black Jacks, Poker and In-between. 


Black Jack

8. Answering awkward questions

Whether you are single or married, studying or working, there will always be that one relative with endless questions. “When are you getting married?” “Are you having kids?” “When are you having your next kid?” “Are you buying a house?” “What is your O level result?” et cetera, et cetera. The list goes on and the questions never end. 

answering awkward questions

Fret not, Straits Times does have some useful tips for you and laugh it off with my personal favourite video from Wah!Banana. 


Here’s wishing everyone a prosperous CNY!

prosperity, huat

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