5 reasons why we love Benedict Cumberbatch

If you have watched the play, “Hamlet” or the better known movie, “Dr. Strange” or even the super duper awesome BBC TV drama “Sherlock”, you will know that 5 reasons are just not enough to love him and his amazing acting skills!

In this article, I compiled my 5 reasons why we all love him and I hope to hear your love confession  views too! So comment below after reading my 5 reasons. 🙂


1. He is ever so charming.


2. He says the things we sometimes want to say it to the people around us.


3. Don’t we all love his beaver face?

4. Spontaneous and cute. Need we say more?

5. Such passionate acting, no way can you find someone else like him. 

benedict cum_hamlet

The main reason why we love him.

Comment below what are your reasons why you just can’t get enough of Benedict Cumberbatch!

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